Advokatretten, 2. udgave

GDPR Compliance – Understanding the General Data Protection Regulation, 2nd edition

Arveretten, 7. udgave

Familieretten, 10. udgave

Værdiskabende relationer – contract management og strategisk kontrahering

Få styr på metoden! – Introduktion til juridisk metode og tværfaglig samfundsvidenskabelig projektmetode, 3. udgave

Markedsføringsretten, 4. udgave

Smart contracts – aftaleret og blockchain

The Business Judgment Rule in Danish Law

Your Privacy Is Important to Us! – restoring human dignity in data-driven marketing

Essays on the Optional Society – and a Letter Concerning Inclusion

Den skatteretlige omgåelsesklausul

Business Law, Europe, 2. udgave

IT-ret, 5. udgave

Stigmatisering af psykisk sygdom – sundhedsret, menneskeret og samfundsøkonomi

Big Science and the Law

Festskrift til Jørgen Blomqvist


Internationale løsøreaftaler (CISG del II), 2. udgave

Forbrugeraftaleloven med kommentarer, 4. udgave

VAT Grouping & Cost Sharing


Skriftlig jura – den juridiske fremstilling, 2. udgave

Earn-Out Disputes

IT-kontraktret, 2. udgave

Dansk persondataret

En dansk retshistorie – fra middelalder til grundlov

Fair Taxation and Corporate Social Responsibility

Lov om forretningshemmeligheder med kommentarer

GDPR Compliance

Familieretten, 9. udgave

Skat med omtanke

Copyright, to be or not to be

Perspectives on Energy Law: Denmark and Beyond


Introduction to EU Internet Law, second edition

Generalforsamlingen – håndbog for dirigenter og deltagere, 3. udgave

Arveretten, 6. udgave

Bestå erhvervsretten!, 5. udgave

Få styr på metoden! – juridisk metode og tværfaglig samfundsvidenskabelig projektmetode, 2. udgave

Persondataforordningen, 2. udgave

I forskningens og formidlingens tjeneste – festskrift til professor Lars Bo Langsted

Ophavsret & Ytringsfrihed

Aftalelovens § 36 – fra kontraktfrihed til urimelighedskontrol

Where Do We Stand on Discounts? – A Nordic Perspective

Momsloven 50 år – festskrift i anledning af 50 års jubilæet for Danmarks første momslov

Danmark og Den Europæiske Menneskerettighedskonvention



Markedsføringsretten, 3. udgave

Internetretten, 3. udgave

Guds og øvrigheds straf

The Wired World of University Teaching

Uddrag af Internetretten – personoplysninger, markedsføring og forretningskendetegn

Liber Amicorum Peter Møgelvang-Hansen

WERLAUFFs kompendier, 4. udgave


Den evige udfordring – omgåelse og misbrug i skatteretten

Retslægerådet & domstolene – erstatning for personskade

Europol & cyberkriminalitet – proaktiv efterforskning og forbrydelser mod børn

FAIR SNAK på fødevareemballager

Dansk kommunalret – Grundtræk af den kommunale styrelseslovgivning

Extraterritoriality in Data Privacy Law

Internationalisation of Law in the Digital Information Society: Nordic Yearbook of Law and Informatics 2010–2012

International Contracts: the UNIDROIT Principles as an alternative to clauses on governing law

Insolvens- og rekonstruktionsbeskatning

ICC's kodeks for reklame og markedskommunikation 2011

Fair Speak: Scenarier for vildledning på det danske fødevaremarked

Kapitalfonde i dansk og international skatteret

Legal Risk Management in Electronic Commerce – Managing the risk of cross-border law enforcement

About Ex Tuto Publishing A/S
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Welcome to Ex Tuto Publishing A/S – Fair Publishing / Law Books

Ex Tuto Publishing is established and managed by legal researchers. We focus on high quality law books and other legal publications for academia, professionals, and students. Our Fair Publishing terms entail that our authors retain the rights to their work and receive all profits from the sale. On this page you can learn more about our concept.

If you have a manuscript, an idea, questions, or other inquiries please contact our Editorial Board (

Jan Trzaskowski, Editor

Information for Authors

We want to raise the bar for legal publishers by setting high standards for our publications – both in content and form. We like the printed book and find that a real book is offset-printed and bound (hardcover). This is relatively (not ridiculously) expensive, and gives the reader a much better product/experience that matches the content. In addition we offer a unique business model that is very lucrative for successful authors... Click here to learn more ...

Information for Booksellers

It is important for us to have good relations of cooperation with booksellers around the globe. Therefore, we offer favourable terms, especially to the booksellers that carry our books on the shelves. We are in the process of establishing an international network of bookstores to better serve readers of our books... Click here to learn more ...

About Ex Tuto Academic

Ex Tuto Academic is established to improve our services to authors within academia. More than 50 peer-reviewer help to ensure documentation of the quality of our academic publications. Additionally, we offer favourable terms for conference publications, festschrifts, PhD theses, etc... Click here to learn more ...

General information

Information for Authors

Ex Tuto Publishing was founded in 2005 on the idea that the author (of course) retains the rights to his work. This implies that authors – in contrast to most publishing contracts – are free to choose another publisher for future editions of the same book.

The author receives all profits from the book sales; i.e. all revenue minus production cost, handling costs etc. See calculations below. The publisher is entitled to sell the books produced under the agreement and obliged to pay royalties in accordance with the principles elaborated below.

The number of free author’s copies is negotiated individually; and we usually allow more free copies to the author than traditional publishers. Our business model entails that we can produce an even larger number copies (e.g. for marketing purposes) to researchers, institutions, associations, businesses, lawyers etc. who are willing to subsidize production costs.

We are always looking for new interesting projects and publications. Contact our Managing Director Jan Trzaskowski ( for more information, calculations etc. He is also happy to elaborate on how we secure the high quality of our products.

Download our Manual and Style Guide for Authors and/or our short formatting guide [in Danish].

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How to do the math

The author’s share of the revenue is the retail price minus VAT, a handling fee (DKK 45 + 5 %), marketing contribution (5 %), and bookseller’s discount (20 %). Thus when production costs are covered, the author’s royalty is the retail price minus 30 % and DKK 45. Break-even is often at less than 200 copies sold.

Royalties are not paid for copies used for marketing purposes, including for review/inspection, or bookseller’s bonus copies (they receive 1 extra copy for each 10 copies in the same order).

An Example: ‘A 608 page book produced in 1,000 copies’



Retail Price (excluding VAT)



Bookseller’s discount (20 %)



Marketing contribution (5 %)



Handling fee (DKK 45 + 5 %)



Author’s share per copy sold




Production costs:



Break-even at 74.000/375=197 copies



@ 250 copies sold



@ 500 copies sold



@ 750 copies sold



@ 1,000 copies sold




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Information for Booksellers

Booksellers receive a discount of 20% and we charge shipping costs. If you buy at least 10 books in the same order, we pay for shipping (Denmark only) and books may be returned within 2 years. We are open for commission agreements when our books are displayed in a bookstore.

Our retail prices are not binding, but our commitment to our authors is. Therefore we cannot provide further discount; however, booksellers are free to sell our books at a higher price than the suggested retail price.

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About Ex Tuto Academic

Together with other Danish law publishers, we have developed guidelines for peer-review of monographs within legal research. According to the guidelines, the peer-reviewer must assess whether the monograph meets scientific requirements, including requirements for novelty, independent method applications, and documentation. The guidelines have been prepared in cooperation with the Academic Committee of ‘the Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator’ (‘den bibliometriske forskningsindikator’, BFI).

For academic publications, the publisher must appoint a peer-reviewer with research skills at PhD level or above. The selection is done according to professional criteria and publishers seek as far as possible to find peer-reviewers in the subject area that is external from the publisher and the institution. Both national and international peer-reviewers can be used and the peer-reviewer may request to remain anonymous.

Click here to read the guidelines (in Danish): ‘retningslinjer for fagfællebedømmelse af retsvidenskabelige monografier’.

Contact our editor Jan Trzaskowski ( if you wish to join our network of peer-reviewers.

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